What Size...As Easy As 1,2,3

1. What are you storing?

  • How many rooms of furniture
  • How many offices
  • How many inventory items
  • How many boxes of files. You get the idea.

2. Will you pack it tight? Or leave room to move around?

3. Call or visit us.

  • We’ve helped thousands of people choose the right size.  We’ll help you too.
  • We will show you a few sizes and help you picture where the largest items fit and how to stack smaller items around them.
  • You will see sizes in-between the standard sizes that will save you $$.
  • You will see how you can fit more in your room with shelves.

Standard Sizes Look Like This: 

5’ x 5’ = a walk-in closet
5’ x 10’ = a large walk-in closet
10’ x 10’ = half of a one-car garage
10’ x 20’ = a standard one-car garage

In-Between Sizes Save You $$

You may be storing too much for one size but too little for the next larger standard size.  We have lots of In-Between sizes that will save you $$. Call us and we’ll find the right one for you.

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This table tells you what each standard size holds, what size vehicle you need to move in one trip, and how many boxes are typically needed for this size room.

When your needs change

Our lease is flexible and will allow you to add a room or downsize without a fee.


Drive Up? Inside? Climate Control?

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Organizing Your Space

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