Storage Guide




We clean our storage centers every day.


We pioneered the highest standard in self storage security: Individual Door Alarms*. You select a code that only you know.  Only that code allows alarm-free entry to your storage room.  Unauthorized entry sets off an alarm, which is investigated during open hours. After hours the system notifies the police.  Most Access locations have Individual Door Alarms but features vary by facility.  Other safeguards include bright lighting inside and outside, recorded video surveillance and electronic access controls which allow only authorized persons to be in storage areas.  We monitor who comes and goes. We take safety and security very seriously. 


We designed our storage centers so that you can reach your storage room with maximum ease. Of course storage centers vary by location - urban, suburban or rural.  Wherever possible, we put in lots of ground-level drive-to-your-door units, extra entrances, wide driveways and aisles, and extra elevators in multi-story buildings. Our offices are open longer hours than is typical for our industry.

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will find CLEAN, SAFE and CONVENIENT storage here.  If you are not entirely satisfied in the first month, we will refund all of your rent plus $10.


Sizes & Types of Storage Rooms

Boxes       Shelves       Moving


Rental Terms

  • Rentals are month to month

They can begin on any day of the month.  The minimum rental period is one month. 


You can be assured that your rental rate won't increase soon after you move in.  We guarantee your rate for a full year.

  • Payment Options

At time of rental, you pay first month’s rent plus an administrative fee and in NJ sales tax is added. Thereafter, one month’s rent (plus tax) is due on each monthly anniversary date of when you first rented.  We accept all major credit cards.  You can make payments online.  Save time and potential late payment fees by having your rent charged to your credit card or checking account automatically each month.  

  • Rent Refund *

Access refunds the rent for unused days, when you move out during the first half of a rental month.  No refund is given if you move out during the last half of the rental month. 

  • FREE month

Access gives you an extra FREE month when 12 month's rent is paid in advance. 



Unfortunately, the same perils that can happen at your home or business can also happen at any self storage center.  

At Access, we care about your property.  Therefore, insurance is required.  Each tenant chooses how to insure their property.  As a convenience, Access offers a policy specifically designed for self storage and the premium is added to the monthly rent.

It even insures property in transit to and from the storage center, as long as it is purchased before the move-in and payments are kept up-to-date.

Why doesn’t the storage center insure your property?

We don’t know the value of what each person stores, nor what property is added or removed over time.  We prefer to keep rents low  for the benefit of everyone and have each person choose the insurance coverage that best fits their needs.


How to Save $$

  1. Stack things high to fit them into a smaller room
  2. Ask for least expensive unit type (for example, inside, non climate-controlled)
  3. Ask about ‘Super Saver’ rooms or ‘In-Between’ sizes. Every storage center has some. For example, if a 5x15 is too big and a 5x10 is too small, there may be a 6x10 that is just right for you
  4. Discard what’s not worth storing
  5. Take advantage of online pricing and coupons
  6. Take advantage of all Freebies where available: Free truck to move in, Free lock, Free use of moving equipment *
  7. Buy boxes at Access - they will cost you much less than movers charge for them
  8. Recommend Access to a friend and get a Referral bonus
  9. Pay 12 months in advance and get an extra FREE month
  10. Downsize to a smaller room when storage needs change
  11. Pay on time...avoid late fees
  12. Move out during the first 15 days of your rental month and get a refund for unused days *

* Not available at all locations.